Business is my life.

I’ve been serving clients all over the United States and Europe since 2017, developing marketing and branding content to help businesses grow. I love creating content for my clients and watching brands succeed with the work that I’ve done for them.

Below are many of the companies I own, am currently involved in, or have helped through my business ventures in the past few years of marketing:


Video Production

The video featured here was for a former client, Point Source Audio. We collaborated on a number of projects, and one of my proudest achievements was developing this interview with Ed Sheeran’s lighting director Matt Jones.

This video required a full edit post-production – I pieced together bits of the interview, interlaced it with still moving shots of the CM-i3 headset system, and added fixed closed captioning for those watching the video without sound. I also produced the instrumental music cover of “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran.

Audio Production

I’ve been producing music since I was in junior high school. I love composing new tracks for client marketing videos – music colors the emotional impact of a video message and makes it impact the viewer in a way that couldn’t be done otherwise.

The track featured here is named “Subconscious” – it’s just an example of the quality that I produce.

Graphic Design

It goes without saying that I could give you dozens and dozens of examples of my graphic design work, but in the interest of my clients’ privacy and proprietary marketing content, I cannot post my work on my website.

That being said, the image featured here is an example of a modern design concept for the purposes of showing you what modern design looks like. Trust me – I can make any kind of graphic design you need in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc.

It’s Time To Develop Your Brand

Your personal brand supports everything you do in life.


I’ve written hundreds of blogs, published a few books, and developed lots of ad copy and website content for my clients.

It’s a lot of work, but I highly enjoy it.

Please take the time to read some of my personal work here on my website – I’m always writing about business, life, music, and a number of other categories that I feel inspired to write about.

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