Playing accents is an essential element of performing on the trumpet.

Accents give music character and break up the monotony of continuous playing.

They are the periods, commas, semicolons and hyphens of musical performance; they help shape the way trumpet players are able to express a piece of music for the listeners’ interpretation.

How To Practice Accent Exercises

Before you perform these accents on your trumpet, try them on your mouthpiece.

Alternative tonguing techniques are suggested and will help you when you play double- and triple-tonguing passages.

Play harder accents with a “ta” and “ka” approach, and for legato accents (the “–” marking) use a “da” and “ga” tonguing for a softer attack.

Once you master these on your mouthpiece, it will be much, much easier to play on your trumpet. Start slowly. Work your way up to a fast tempo and make sure you have a clean sound.