Lip slurs help trumpet players build flexibility and endurance.

It’s said that if you are able to perform a difficult passage by slurring, it will be much easier to play it with varying accents and tonguing combinations as demanded by the piece itself.

Lips slurs are an essential aspect of playing the trumpet, and these exercises will help you develop as a better player.

How To Practice Lip Slur Exercises

Remember that lips slurs are easier to perform when notes do not jump large intervals.

For the purposes of these exercises, these will build natural lip slur intervals by depressing only on valve at a time in varying keys.

Things to remember:

  • Do not “slide” into notes.
  • If you “crack” a note, start the passage over; this prevents bad practicing!
  • Be as smooth as possible, and approach each passage lyrically.

Each exercise should start at a comfortable tempo and gradually increase as quickly as you can with a CLEAN sound.