Yes, I own a marketing company.

Cassus Media (“Cass” for Cassarly and “US” for United States to denote that it’s a distinctly American company) was born purely out of a desire to make a living with my creative skills.

I was completely fine with sitting behind a desk, but unfortunately most jobs are not creative and suck the life out of most creative people. In fact, it drives us absolutely insane that we’re not doing something creative most of the time – we can’t help it.

Since then, we’ve had a lot of success, and 2023 marked our first six-figure year since launching in August 2017.

As it turns out, entrepreneurship is demanding.

My first thought when starting my company was, “some day I’ll be able to have my time back” and I’ve learned that THIS IS A LIE.

However, the journey thus far has been incredibly rewarding. I’ve met hundreds – yes, hundreds – of fantastic people along the way. Our mission quickly turned into helping small businesses thrive in a challenging, ever-changing economy.

It’s not easy to run a successful small business – if it were, everyone would do it (and trust me, they would). The rewards of being your own boss are immeasurable compared to the feigned security of a full-time job. You get to decide what your salary will be. You can take time off whenever you like, for the most part, and work from wherever you choose to establish your business.

In my industry, as it turns out, most people prefer working from home. I decided that a dedicated office was better for me personally, and even though sometimes it does feel like a nine-to-five job (well, more like eight-to-whenever-I-get-done-with-my-tasks-for-the-day), I can safely work from home if I need to…

…and sometimes that helps a lot if I need a change of scenery.

What We Offer

If someone needed me to tell them what we provide for our customers, I normally tell them that if it touches digital marketing then we do it. The list is (in this order): websites, audio, video, graphics, social media, email marketing, SMS/text marketing, paid advertising, and more!